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Tile Refurbishing Services

 Tile Refurbishing and Maintenance Services

 Marble Polishing, Grout Cleaning

Tile, Marble, Concrete, Terrazzo, Travertine, and Limestone brightens, protects and improves the lustrous sheen.

 Marble Polishing

Marble polishing enhances color, beauty and internal characteristics of the stone are brought back. There are many levels of shine that can be achieved by Marble Polishing.

Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning removes dirt, grime stains, Grout cleaning is important  before Grout Sealing.


Stripping removes old degraded coatings such as waxes and sealers that have become embedded in the stone. Before any new sealing  can be done to any floor you must strip off and clean all the old sealant.

Sealing and Enhancing

Sealing protects Natural Stone and Grout making it easier to keep clean and  easier to restore the floor when cleaning. Enhancing improves appearance of the Stone by bringing out the natural colors, adding an additional layer of protection.

Grinding and Honing

This process removes surface scratches and uneven Tile edges called lippage. Honing provides a matte finish for floors where less shine is the desired effect. This is a dust-free procedure, accomplished with diamond abrasives, it is done  wet to control the dust and the grinding slurries are vacuumed away.

Mexican Pavers

Mexican pavers are a natural handmade product made of clay. They are called by many names such as; Tecate, Saltillo and Lincoln. They are rustic and charming in their appearance. We know how to provide the exact look that our customers want to achieve with these Pavers. These clay tile products need to be sealed to protect from grime and to enhance all their natural colors.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers and Interlocking Pavers need to be cleaned and resealed from time to time to maintain their original colors and beauty.  Pavers weather well with proper maintenance.

Concrete Cleaning

Cleaning concrete on patios, sidewalks, garages and driveways is a necessity.  You clean concrete to remove rust, calcium, oil and other stains such as sprinkler arcs, then apply sealers to protect and preserve the concrete.

Concrete Repair and Refinishing

Many times during the cleaning process there are cracks and chips that need to be repaired. We can do those repairs and depending on the severity will determine what needs to be done.

Epoxy Coatings and Polishing

We install and maintain Epoxy coatings of garages, restaurant floors and locker rooms. Polishing and Epoxy Coatings have become very popular in today’s interior designs.


We install and restore the staining of Concrete Surfaces.

Concrete overlay and Textures

We install and maintain Concrete Overlay and Kool Deck coating. We repair textures , colored coatings and sealing, repair  blisters, cracks and bubbles and recolor pool-decks.