Concrete & Paver Cleaning
Wesley Preston Restoration – Coachella Valley

Concrete * Terrazzo * Mexican Pavers * Travertine * Limestone

If your concrete or natural stone surfaces are aging poorly, stained, or just in need of a good cleaning, Wesley Preston Restoration in Coachella Valley is here to help! Whether indoors or out, it is absolutely essential to clean and protect your concrete surfaces.

Professional Patio, Floor, Driveway, and Sidewalk Cleaning

Many people mistakenly believe that because concrete is durable, it does not require regular cleaning or maintenance. This is false. With proper care, your concrete can last decades longer than if neglected. We offer a wide range of cleaning services to help keep your concrete, marble, bricks, terrazzo, slate, travertine, Mexican pavers, tile, limestone, and other natural stones surfaces clean and looking great:

  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Garages
  • Driveways
  • Floors
  • And more!

We Remove Dirt, Salt, Oil, Rust, Stains & More

Your exterior hardscape elements are particularly susceptible to damage from the elements. Ground-in sand, salts, dirt, minerals, grease, chemicals, oil, rust, calcium, mold, sprinkler overspray, stains, plant sap, and other contaminants can get into the interior matrix of your concrete, retaining walls, slabs, and stone installations and destroy them from within. It is important to remove these substances regularly – before they cause extensive damage.

Residential & Commercial Driveway, Patio & Deck Cleaning

For over 36 years, Wesley Preston Restoration has been the first choice for fast, safe, and effective driveway, deck, patio, and other concrete and natural stone cleaning in Coachella Valley. Our experts provide skilled professional cleaning for residential and commercial customers in all local desert communities.

When your hard surfaces look bad, your entire property looks bad. Let us transform your stained and soiled concrete surfaces from dingy to a brilliant, beautiful clean. We can apply a professional-grade penetrating sealant to help protect your concrete, as well. Call Wesley Preston Restoration for a free consultation and quote today: (760) 459-8001.