Grout Cleaning, Sealing & Repair
Wesley Preston Restoration – Coachella Valley

Wesley Preston Restoration can handle all your grout maintenance needs in the Coachella Valley area at the best price. If your home or business is looking less than clean despite mopping and scrubbing, call us! Our professional grout service can restore your grout to its original beauty. Wesley Preston Restoration’s experts eliminate discoloration caused by age, as well as a wide range of contaminants, including:

  • Soap Scum
  • Food Residue
  • Dirt
  • Grime
  • Stains
  • And more!

Powerful Professional Grout Cleaning – Safe For Natural Stone

Over time, both untreated and inadequately treated grout naturally loses its original color. Its porous nature allows everything it contacts to seep into the spaces within its internal matrix. All types of soil can become trapped within the grout. This trapped dirt is impossible to remove no matter how often you mop or scrub the surface with retail cleansers. Years of improper cleaning can result in serious permanent discoloration.

Wesley Preston Restoration offers a deep, powerful professional cleaning that extracts embedded grime and restores the grout to its original beauty. We use only the highest quality cleaning agents and equipment to provide a safe and effective clean for all types of tile and natural stone.

Grout Sealing: Hygienic Protection For the Kitchen & Bath

Grout sealing is an important component of hygienic tile maintenance that many (including most installers), unfortunately, ignore. It is particularly critical for kitchen and bath areas. If you have a newly installed or freshly cleaned tile surface, we recommend that you seal the grout before the installation is placed into service. There are several valuable benefits to professional-grade grout sealant application, including protection from:

  • Spills
  • Soil
  • Dirty Mop Water
  • Bacteria & Viruses

Grout Repair, Recoloring & Restoration

Wesley Preston Restoration offers several grout repair services to restore your grout to its proper strength and appearance. Strong grout helps protect your tiles!

  • Grout Replacement
  • Broken & Cracked Grout
  • Loose Grout
  • Missing Grout
  • Uneven Grout
  • Wrong Color Grout/Recoloring

If you need grout service in Coachella Valley, we can help. Our grout specialists offer complete restoration of your grout – and can help keep it looking pristine for a lifetime with proper maintenance. For a long-term solution to carefree grout, contact Wesley Preston Restoration for a free quote today: (760) 459-8001.