Grinding, Honing & Uneven Tile Repair
Wesley Preston Restoration – Coachella Valley

Wesley Preston Restoration offers competitively priced full-service tile grinding, honing, and repair for home and business owners throughout the Coachella Valley. As part of our comprehensive marble and natural stone restoration services, we can correct etches, lippage (uneven tile height), and all types of damage resulting from age and natural wear and tear. Our tile services include:

  • Stain Removal Grinding
  • Correction of Sun Bleached Areas
  • Shape Correction Grinding
  • Honing & Polishing
  • Lippage/Uneven Tile Height Correction
  • High-gloss Finish
  • Matte Finish
  • Elimination of Surface Scratches

Precision Grinding and Tile Polishing Service

Our experts can correct your scratched, damaged, or poorly installed tile floor, walls, shower enclosures, and more. Following precision grinding and repair service, we can restore your original high-gloss, satin, or polished matte finish and follow with a durable sealer to help keep your valuable tiles looking great. There is no job too big or small for Wesley Preston Restoration!

Dust-Free Marble & Tile Polishing

There is no need to worry about stone dust when you choose Wesley Preston Restoration. We follow industry dust-free standards to prevent the creation and spread of dust from the grinding and polishing process so you can enjoy your brilliant new stone finish without a large mess. The entire process is completed wet with the use of premium diamond abrasives. The resultant slurry is vacuumed away – leaving you with nothing but a wonderfully fresh and beautiful floor.

Anti-Slip Finish for Marble and Natural Stone Tile Floors

If your marble or natural stone floor’s surface is too slippery or shiny for your preference, we can hone it to apply a more suitable finish. Anti-slip finishes are much more practical than highly polished surfaces for some areas, including shower room, bath, and locker room floors.

For professional tile services throughout the Coachella Valley from Banning and Coachella to Thermal and up to 29 Palms, we can help. Our tile adjustment and correction specialists offer a wide range of services to make the adjustments necessary for full enjoyment of your beautiful tile. Contact Wesley Preston Restoration for a free quote today: (760) 459-8001.