Marble Repair & Restoration
Wesley Preston Restoration – Coachella Valley

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If your fine marble is in need of repair, trust your project to the experts at Wesley Preston Restoration. We have the advanced training, licensure, and experience to safely and effectively restore your valuable marble and natural stone floors, countertops, stairways, and accents to their original beauty. It is important to choose properly skilled technicians to avoid further damage or possible destruction of your property. We proudly offer a wide range of exceptional marble and natural stone services for our residential and commercial customers throughout Coachella Valley, including:

  • Chip Repair
  • Scratch & Etching Removal
  • Polishing/Honing
  • Cleaning & Stain Removal
  • Sealing
  • Cleaning
  • Grout Repair & Replacement
  • And more!

Shower and Bathroom Marble Restoration

Bathroom & Shower Marble – It can be a challenge to keep the marble in your bathroom looking great. From hard water stains and corrosive fluids to soap scum and chemicals, unsightly damage can accumulate over time leaving your bath looking a mess. We can eliminate pits, scratches, stains, and other eyesores to return your bathroom to a fresh, brilliant condition. Ask about how sealants and regular maintenance can help protect your investment and prevent future damage.

Kitchen and Countertop Marble Repair

Kitchen Marble – There is nothing more elegant than a kitchen draped in marble – unless that marble is stained and damaged. Extended exposure to the rigors of cooking and food exposure can leave your marble countertops and floors looking unsightly and blemished. Our team can eliminate the etching, food stains, and scratches left over from years of abuse and help protect your marble from future kitchen mishaps.

Entryway and Floor Marble Restoration

Floor & Entryway Marble – Dirt, soil, moisture, pets, and other contaminants will eventually take their toll on an unprotected marble floor. If your living space, commercial showroom, or entryway is in need of attention, call us! We can restore the elegance of your formal areas and help you make great impressions on your guests once again.

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