Mexican Paver & Saltillo Cleaning & Sealing
Wesley Preston Restoration – Coachella Valley

Saltillo, terracotta, and other Mexican pavers are our favorite tiles for adding charm and character to homes throughout the Coachella Valley. They are simply beautiful! However, due to their porous nature these wonderful tiles can accumulate a lot of grime over time if they haven’t been properly sealed. Wesley Preston Restoration offers comprehensive tile maintenance service for Mexican pavers and all types of natural tile products.

Deep Cleaning – Elimination of dirt, soil, grime, oils, worn-out sealer, and other contaminants from tiles and grout; We thoroughly address dingy, faded, and dirty tiles by cleaning and stripping them down to the fresh, clean natural clay surface.

Sealing – Following a deep cleaning service, we can apply professional-grade sealant to help protect your tiles and enhance their natural beauty. Depending on your preferences, we can apply penetrating sealer, enhancing “wet-look” sealant, a high-gloss surface sealer, hand-applied paste wax, and other attractive options.

Repair – If necessary, we can eliminate scratches and scuffs. We are also able to replace broken tiles and grout with a close color match.

Wesley Preston Restoration: The Terracotta & Clay Tile Experts

Wesley Preston Restoration can help you keep your natural tiles looking great for life. Due to the porous nature of natural clay tiles, thoughtful care is required to safeguard their integrity when performing cleaning, sealing, and repair work. Our expert tile specialists have over 36 years of experience caring for Saltillo, Lincoln, Tecate, terracotta, and other natural Mexican tiles.

Mexican Tile Restoration – Satisfaction Guaranteed

As Coachella Valley’s most trusted tile restoration company, we are proud to serve your needs and deliver a beautiful result you will be proud of. All of our tile and stone services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed for your peace of mind. Are you ready to restore your Mexican tile floor to its original glory? Contact our friendly team to request a free quote: (760) 459-8001.